When Is Mourning Enough? Childhood is a shield. You’re shielded from loss, protected from the emptiness that comes from it. I still remember vividly the first time someone close to me died around me and I was aware of death; He was my favorite uncle, my mum’s immediate elder brother […]

Book Review: Caraval

I have never loved a plot so much while also viscerally hating the way it’s written.  Scarlet and her sister, Donatella, have always dreamed of going… Book Review: Caraval

book fairies.

how sweet to find this book   sitting outside on the window ledge of a downtown store   on a sunny saturday just waiting for someone to pick it up … book fairies.

Write For Yourself

Write for one’s self Only then will it have meaning and depth that speaks to others Forms are fine and fancy words too But, if you really want to … Write For Yourself