Make a Good Story I watched this video today and it was just the kind of reminder I needed to hear the clock ticking again. It was like a slap on my face which forced me to think that I should do something about my life. Something better and more meaningful. Who’s not scared of dying without accomplishing his/her […]


Hello Readers & Friends, I finished The Wicked King a little while ago and… just need to take a little minute. What. an. emotional. ROLLERCOASTER. Okay, so at first I wasn’t really digging it. I think what I enjoyed the most about The Cruel Prince was Jude’s outsider status, the way she was always fighting […]

Best Mental Health Books

Dear Dreamers, I’m the spirit of mental health awareness, I wanted to write a post sharing some of my favourite reads that have mental health themes in them. 1. Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig Reasons To Stay Alive is a wonderful first-hand account written by Matt Haig. (I also recommend following him on Twitter.) He […]

May Book Club: BIG MAGIC

I’m an old-fashioned bookworm, the kind that smells books before buying them, the type that touches the pages as they were some precious, ancient manuscripts. I love physical books, but one “habit” and guilty pleasure (and probably the hardest), I had to give up for my year of wanderlust and travels, was to stop buying […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Dear dreamer, book_lover, reader, traveler and digital wanderer, you’ve finally arrived! You’ve just entered a happy virtual home where everything is about travels, dreams, love, minimalism, coffee, books and stories of course. I’m very glad you are here and welcome to my happy place! I’m Aurore Anne Chehoke – A Dreamer, […]

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