Not Everybody Is Going to Like YouHi Loves

Feels so good to be back to blogging again and in honor of that, I have decided to broadens this blog as much as possible so I’ve decided that every week, I will be bringing to you a new segment about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and acceptance.

I was always the smallest in class growing up and people would tease me about my size and thereby unknowingly develop a form of resentment and insecurity about my height and my undeveloped body even if I was significantly younger then most peers in my class and it was understandable to be smaller and underdeveloped.

These traits, ridicles, insecurities, self-resentment of my body stayed with me for years even when it turns out I was merely a late bloomer who letter became the brightest color in the garden. lol

ten Years after leaving high=school and, I still remember every line, every side comment and the laughs but then I have learned to love every bit of my gorgeous body and It wasn’t such a surprise hearing from several of my high school SUPPOSED QUEEN BEES very recently and hear them acknowledge out loud that they liked a personal trait of mine and my styles and also suggestions of a semblance of recomunication And good for her! She should! She’s an award-winning playwright and she’s awesome!
It’s strange because although people are generally amazing, it’s somehow deemed socially appropriate to deny things we like about ourselves and dismiss praise so as not to seem conceited. “No, not me,” “What? I’m such a mess,” “Oh, that was nothing.” It makes me think about this hilarious Amy Schumer skit, where friends cannot accept a compliment…

But! Let’s just say take a second to say these positive things about ourselves. I’m curious what you secretly love about yourself or what makes you proud. Are you a great parent or friend? Do you have a secret talent? Are you fast reader? Or a fast runner? Are you great at your job? Are you the one person in the world who can blow dry your hair like a stylist (and if so can you teach me)? Are you hilarious? Can you make a meal out of random things in the fridge? I would LOVE to hear: What do you like about you? Say it loud and proud!

What I love about myself.
I am a seeker. Someone who seeks to find solutions. To be better. Even if I’m stumbling and having a really hard time. I’m always seeking.
I laugh a lot and I cry a lot.
I pray, sing and dance (like a goofball). Anything it takes to get me out of my funk. I write and read. Do yoga. Cycle. Travel.
Well, that’s what I love about me.


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