Hi Loves, Happy new month a welcome back to my blog space. Here we talk about books, life in general , personal development and so much more. So pls stick around!🙏🏽 I miss blogging regularly 😩 miss me? I miss it too😩😂

This morning and today being 1st of March, I was working on my mini vision board like I do every month to help keep myself on track and decide I was gonna share the tips I use that works for me when creating a vision board.

I create one at the beginning of every year and do the mini monthly ones to help my productivity for the month. so…. let’s get started

What exactly is a vision board?

Also known as a dream board or goal board, it is basically a collage of images and/or words used as a visualization tool.

A vision board is a concrete representation of your dreams , desires, aspirations and goals. Not anyone else desires but yours. They provide you with a daily visual reminders of your goals. They help motivate you and get you back on track when you fall off track or encounter setbacks or unavoidable life advarsaries. A vision board never disappears and will always be there to help motivate you.



1). First thing to do when creating a visual board is to create a comfortable vibes and get yourself to a place of gratitude, positives and comfortable vibes. Get your comfort music, candles, stuff you like visually and otherwise. Don’t forget refreshments also. Do what makes you happy and overall blissful to help set your mood right and mind clear. Think about what you want in life. Is it a new house? To get a degree? To launch that startup? To be promoted? Write all down

2). Do it alone!

Because you don’t want to be influenced by another person’s visions and aspirations, either consciously or sub-consciously. You might end up hearing another person’s goal and you will be like , that sounds good and end up putting it on your vision board even if that isn’t a personal goal of yours. I personally my space to be serene and no negative vibes allowed. Don’t let people sow the seed of doubt in you

3). Keep it secret until it secured. (more reason you should do your vision board alone) I am a firm believer of keeping your personal goals to yourself untill you accomplished them unless of course you are sharing them with someone who can help you with those goals but most of the time, that is not the case. I know this from experience because I spent the longest time blabbing my ideas and goals to friends who only ended up discouraging me and influencing me with their small mindedness and overall I started living below my capabilities because they made me believe my dreams were too big and unattainable. Now this is not solely their faults as I too let them influenced me consciously and subconsciously

Now get to work creating your vision board for the year/month

First thing first before putting your vision board together is to take out a journal and start writing all your goals and affirmations down in the present terms. What this means is, instead of writing I will make 10 million dollars, write I have 10 million basically write all your goals as if they are already in motion and already happening.

So that I don’t forget any aspect of my life, I personally like to write my vision board about 7 seven main categories. This is what you should do too.


Once I am done journaling, I like to go on pinterest and google to download pictures and images that symbolizes my goals and help visualize them.

Always remember that there are no goals that are too big, too small, too dumb or too elaborate.

If you desire it and work towards it than you deserves it and you will receive it. This is another reason why I think it’s best create a to vision board by yourself or at most with someone you feel unconditionally safe with because you want to be able to be vunerable when creating your vision board with zero judgement. You don’t need to explain your desires to anyone the simple fact thaT YOU WANT IT IS ENOUGH MOTIVATION AND ENOUGH REASON TO INCLUDE IT IN YOUR VISION BOARD it is for your motivational porposes for your dream life not anyone else.

HERE COME THE FUN PART. LOL now you get to cut & paste all the printed pictures if you’re creating a physical one. I personally love making a physical one and have it pasted above my workspace at home. It’s actually fun to do when you get to this part.

once you’ve printed all the pictures you’ve downloaded you get to post on any board you are using. Now just place them on places you want them accurately on the board in a matter of when you’d like to. It’s just like art and craft again😁😁.

I hope this helps you the next time you set out to create and if you haven’t ever done one before, hope this motivates you to do it

As always, love and light to you all and may March be a great one for us all.


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