To those who wait, time opens every door

To those who wait, time opens every door.

I have always been hasty, impatience, curious, overly self-conscious, and in constant battle for self betterment. (All this can be good/bad) One of those people who want to try everything and go everywhere. I think I’m still a bit like that. I can’t stand still, I hate to get bored and there is nothing worse for me than wasting time. I guess it’s for this reason that I’m always working on lots of different things at any one time.⠀I am hardly ever just working on one thing at a time. If you know me, you probably might have heard me mention about a million things I want to do or planning to do and how I think this and that will turn out.

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But then you grow, change perspectives and above all, learn to enjoy the stillness. You also learn to wait, you learn to understand that to get great results you need to take small steps. You learn that waiting is precious, you learn that the journey is as important as the destination. You understand that waiting is not a waste of time, but it is itself a fundamental part of reaching your goal, especially if you believe in and love what you are doing. I’ve taken the necessary steps, I’ve sacrificed everything I had to sacrifice. Now, I’m ready. I’ve worked so incredibly hard this  last year and I’m so ready to pick the fruits of my hard work but not in a hurry as I believe everything will align in its own time and space. Trust the process and take everyday as a gift.

So, I woke up this morning and felt like sharing this and to send you greetings from my tiny corner of web, I hope you’ll also learn to wait, to savour the road ahead of you, but above all, to never give up trying.

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  1. I can relate to your description of overload curiosity and ambition. I’m thankful that I’ve also learned to be content with sitting still. There’s much to be had in it❤️

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