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Blossom in Winter - Paperback – Melanie Martins

This book is in a class by itself: erotic, dark, twisted, forbidden, wrong, you name it. And I love it! 😍

this is so much more than a romance book Authored by Melanie Martins

As everyone on my blog probably know by now, I am not very big on romance so when I got this book October last year, I was a bit hesitant to read. I often time find books in this genre quite repetitive and boring so I always try to stay clear off them but this was a breath of fresh air from an otherwise boring genre (sorry to romance readers)

This book was beyond what I expected. I got glued to it straight away and loved the characters development and plot. This book is definitely +18, but you can skim the steamy scenes if you want but they added more spice to the book and you won’t miss much of the story. I honestly read them because they have inner-thoughts and there were well-made, even adding to the plot at some point.

ABOUT THE BOOK (synopsis)

Petra, a seventeen-year-old Dutch-American and the only heir of finance tycoon Roy Van Gatt, has always had her life rigorously planned and supervised by her strict father. From her internship at his hedge fund firm on Wall Street to her degree in economics at Columbia University, Petra is all set for a bright future in finance.

But everything falls apart when she develops a dangerous relationship with her father’s business partner and utmost confidant, Alexander Van Dieren. A Dutch nobleman, known as an unrepentant heartbreaker, twenty-three years her senior, and who is, above all else, her beloved godfather.

A twisted obsession for some, unconditional love for others, but one thing is sure: it’s a relationship that might cost them everything…


it was such an original storyline, I can now confidently say, I like dark romance. Lol . I remember I picked this book up to read when I was in a terrible reading slump and was looking for a pick me up book And let me tell you… Oh boy. I couldn’t put it down. I was so  hooked straight away that I pulled an all nighter and woke up the next morning and continue from there. 

Firstly, If you are not into multiple POV, the alternating POV might be a little overwhelming but not to worry, you will get with the flow over time and will come to be more appreciative of them. I enjoyed reading from everyone involved and seeing from every body POV and getting to understand their mind more. 

this is NOT your typical romance with an age-gap trope. It’s a dark romantic thriller exploring a much deeper subject “How far would you go for love?”.

We follow Petra in her coming of age journey, her first heartbreaks, and how she progressively falls in love with her godfather and father’s best friend, Alexander Van Dieren. He is very supportive and kind with her and they ultimately fall in love. But little does she know that this man, behind his gentle smile and good looks, hides a dark past, a domineering nature, and a couple of crimes.

The blurb is clear: Petra starts a “a dangerous relationship” with him. And the author leaves open interpretation for us to decide whether it’s a “twisted obsession” or “unconditional love”.

This book is graphic, emotionally charged, provocative, and controversial.  For me, bring it all! I loved this book and every single scene just as many many other people. But for others, it might be “ick”, “disgusting”, and all, because… age-gap (just in case you didn’t know). Oh, and the D/s dynamics between Mr. Van Dieren and Ms. Van Gatt. So for those of you who don’t like this type of dynamics in romances, this might be a bit too much for you or disturbing so be warned.lol

For me, this book was a goddamn roller coaster. The characters are deep and complex, and you might not grasp their personalities if you try to put them in boxes.

I read it in one day and one night. And it has 36 chapters! I devoured it. I had so much fun. This is the first of a series so I just hope the author will release the next one very soon. <3

“If my father is known to have a devoted network of friends and minions at his service, I seem to be the one working the hardest to avoid his displeasure.”

I love Petra’s character. Despite doing everything to please her strict father and playing the perfect and mature daughter, we understand since the beginning that Ms. Van Gatt craves for freedom, new experiences, and maybe some romantic adventures…

I don’t want to do any spoiler because one must simply read it, but I will say this: hate it or love it, this book will consume you, bring you a lot of mixed emotions, and, at the end, you’ll either want more or… trash about it. For those of you not used to reading erotic romances, please read the disclaimer at the beginning. Really. Do it. It helps to manage expectations. Otherwise the graphic (although wonderfully written) erotic scenes might shock you and make your cheeks flush . But if you do want to give it a read with an open mind, then, please do as it’s totally worth it.

Happy to be back.

Aurore Anne.

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