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This week, the prompt is about being thankful. And in tune with the season! What am I thankful for? Well, a lot actually! I made a similar post a couple of weeks back about where I’m at now and just how thankful I am.

I have so much to be thank for but I will just go with a few.. as always, I’m a bit late again and have to wrap it up quickly and secondly, I hate typing with my iPad and seeing as I will get home a bit late today, I can’t wait to get home and use my computer 👩‍💻 So I will just make this as short as possible 😁

To start off with, I’m not much of a lucky girl, I am a BLESSED GIRL!

Here’s my list…👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

1. GOD

First and foremost, I’m super thankful to God! I can’t say this enough! God has really been faithful and showing up for me at my lowest. Even when I don’t think I deserve it, his grace keeps covering me and my family. Yes I’m a believer! But not always always at my best when it comes to the things of God but he continually proves himself as the ever present God and for that I am most THANKFUL.


I’m super thankful for my family! I know how this may sound, but I honestly have the best family ever!!

I love how close knitted we are and how we keep showing up for each other no matter what.

These days, family is not much what it used to be! Relationships has become fragile and people treat family members like total strangers and some others care more for themselves and their own needs selfishly than that of others. When you have something close to normalcy in your family, be thankful!

My parents did one hell of a job raising eight(8) kids up to be each other’s best friend and a shoulder to rely on in times of need and people to actually go through the journey of life with knowing you are never alone. We’ve been through so much together and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone of them❤️💙


Thankful for the gift of life and where I’m at now in life. The miracle of sleeping and waking up daily. The very air that I got to breathe everyday. I’m super thankful that I and my family are consider worthy enough in the sight of God to keep witnessing this miracle everyday 🙏🏻🙏🏻


I’m forever thankful for my health and that of my family and I never take it for granted.

My Mum was very sick recently and all I could think off was how I’ve been taking the sound health we’ve always have for granted. One can really never truly appreciate being healthy until you see those who are not.

My Mum is so much better now and for that I am grateful and I will never ever take anyday for granted again! Side note, I’m going to give her a call now and let her know how grateful I really am to still have her here with us and in my life.


There is a whole lot I have access to today that couldn’t even be near possible if not for internet! I can’t even start listing all but I am thankful for the gift of internet.


I’m thankful that I have a place to come home to and a roof over my head. Many are not so fortunate and to have one, I am super thankful.

7. FOOD.

You don’t know how lucky you are if you actually have food and can eat… the world is full of people who don’t have anything to eat nor do they have hope of getting any good anytime soon… if you go out there and see how many hungry people are out there, you will be thankful for every apple 🍎 every grain, and every single drop of food you have.

I count myself extremely lucky to have food in my kitchen and the appetite to actually eat😁


I’m thankful for the very few people I call friends 👫 I don’t take anyone of them for granted!

I’ve had some good and some not too good ones over the years but I a, thankful for every lesson good or bad.

You’re all wonderful.


I know how mundane that sound but somehow as I was writing this, that kept coming to mind… it kept bugging me at the back of my mind.

I have access to books, I can actually sit and read and write😁

Owning and running this blog wouldn’t be possible without that and for that I am grateful.


If you are here and you are reading this now, know that I am forever thankful to you! Thank y’all for visiting and actually reading my blog! I get some mails everyday from people in this community and I count myself lucky to be considered worthy of your time.

Thank you all so very much❤️❤️ and know I love you ❤️😘

Let’s stop there for now and on that note,

What are you thankful for?? Tell me below

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0 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WEEKLY BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Things I’m Thankful For!

  1. Wow, your parents had nice, big brood! My dad has four older sisters, and they’re all grandparents now. So extended family get-togethers on that side are huge. 🙂

    Being grateful for good health is another wonderful answer. My husband has a chronic illness, so I’m grateful for all of the good days he has.

    My post.

    1. Most of my siblings have kids now and when we all come together, it’s always a full house😁

      Yeah! People don’t realize just how important being healthy is! My Mom has been dealing with some health issues and I know all about feeling grateful for the good days. Sorry to hear about your husband ❤️ best wishes to you and yours

  2. This is a wonderful list! My sister and I are pretty close, and I’m grateful for that! My brother, on the other hand, not so much. But he’s 7 years older than I am, 9 years older than my sister, and I think that has a lot to do with it.

    1. Thanks so much 🙏🏻 yeah, I think the age difference has something to do with it. I’m glad you have a sister you are close to! There’s not like the love siblings share❤️

      Thanks for stopping by mine💙

      1. On the bright side, my brother and I at least get alone pretty well. So, that’s a plus. But you’re right. I can see it with my girls – they’re just under 2 years apart (not by design lol) and are really close. It makes me happy. 🙂

        1. Indeed it is😊 awww 🥰 you have two little girls? How lovely 😊 I’m so glad they have each other.. I think I want girls only if I eventually have kids😁 I grew up with 6 brothers and just 1 sister.

          1. I do, although they’re not exactly little any longer – after the beginning of the year, they’ll be 18 and 20! But I agree, when they have no one else, they’ll have each other. That had to have been tough to only have one sister growing up with so many brothers!

          2. Oh wow! They grown grown. Yes they will and it’s the best feeling ever! Having that one person you can always rely on.

            Sorry for late reply ❤️❤️

  3. That’s a lovely list. (And very comprehensive, too!) It’s so easy to take things like food and running water for granted.

    My (much simpler) list is here.

    1. Thanks so much 🙏🏻 very easy to take the things we consider small for granted but not me… many people don’t have access to clean water and I consider myself lucky to have just that❤️

      Thanks for stopping by mine.

    1. Thanks so much 🙏🏻 the little things we take for granted are what actually matters most!❤️❤️

      Thanks for stopping by 😍

    1. Thanks so much!🙏🏻 I never take the relationship I have with my siblings for granted! I’m beyond blessed ❤️

      Thanks for stopping by mine 💙

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