Hey Dreamers! How’s it going?

You know how I said I was going to start writing more personal posts right? I figured we might as well end the month with one…..

I haven’t written one before but here goes nothing 😆

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I am not one known to talk about my personal life, but I am learning new things and realizing talking about these things is okay and it’s not a weakness!

So presently….

ACCEPTING: I’m accepting that life won’t always be rosy and cosy. I’m accepting that things are not going according to plan and that’s life. I’m nowhere near to where I want to be in life but that’s life and it’s alright! It’s not necessarily about me or what I’m doing wrong or right! It’s just life!!

LEARNING: I’m learning to accept life and all it’s stages. learning to take things one day at a time. learning to be more open about my personal feelings. learning to save! learning to not live according to people’s rule but mine. learning to trust the process and believing with time things will fall in place….

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LOVING: Loving my life and where I am in life now. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time that I can finally say “I am totally and insanely inlove with myself”

FEELING: stressed but blessed. I’ve had quite a rough couple of years and this year hasn’t been all rosy too but totally far from where I was. Feeling more mentally matured and self-aware. feeling blessed and taking everyday as a blessing! And to be able to say I’, feeling blessed is indeed a blessing on it’s own.

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PRACTICING: Self-love! This whole self-love thing was formally foreign to me. I used to always place the need of others above mine continously. I used to always read about self-love and always telling people about self-love and how important it was. I remember always preaching self-love to all around me but never really and truly practicing. For a very long-time, I was earnestly trying to go beyond just reading and preaching about it. Now, I can finally say I am here! When life gets overwhelming, I am practicing self-love and taking care of my Mental space and health.

TRYING: To be more accepting and patient with people I love. Trying to see and understand things from their perspective sometimes and not react solely on my expectations. Trying to rid my inner circle of those underserving and letting go.

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RELATIONSHIP: Finally giving relationship a try and actually making conscious effort to build and allow people in. For the first time in years, I am finally in a loving relationship and not trying to self-sabotage and shut people out. lol! I am not mushy and all feely yet, but I am trying to actually let another LOVE ME THE WAY I DESERVED TO BE LOVE. Learning to trust more.

HOPING: I am hoping the remainder of the year turn out better than the year has been so far and hoping next year to be even better! Hoping to make all the MONEY I need to live the dream life😉 And carry out all the plans I have before the end of the year. LOL

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GRATEFUL: I am grateful for so many things in life right now. But what I am most grateful for is GOD AND MY FAMILY. I am super grateful for life itself.

The list really is endless and can go on forever if I continue… Let’s end it here for now and hopefully another will follow soon. And Also, so you all can get back to your life😁

Thanks for stopping by and for reading

Feel free to share what you are most grateful for and what you are currently up to in the comments section



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  1. Aurore, I enjoyed your personal blog of 31 October and hope you continue with it. As for gratitude, I’m most grateful for family and good friends and that at 81, I am still able to teach yoga and spread to all who are interested, the benefits of practicing yoga. Keep up the good work!
    Savannah, Georgia, USA

  2. Acceptance is the biggest aspect of growing! Keep being you girl and I hope you keep the spirit! I love this

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