Happy New Month booklovers And Dreamers ❤️

Welcome to September guys and A happy Sunday to y’all!!❤️

Hopefully this month will be different and I will be more active here But before that happens, I wanted to start off with something new and different and hopefully we will be doing more of it often too 😍😍

A little creative writing to start off the month.


I once believed I wasn’t free to be me. I was uptight all of the time. I once believed all of my footsteps had to lineup how I planned them out to be. I wasn’t living one foot in front of the other. I was living creating footsteps before I even took a step. Yes- there are some realistic things that are important to plan. But most moments must come with a go-with-the-flow mindset. Situations hit hard that are genuinely out of our control. How do we react? I once believed the part I followed had to feel right and if it didn’t, I didn’t feel right. When I didn’t feel right, nothing around me lined up. I felt completely out of control; which lead to reckless anxiety. The best part to take can be the one with no logical sense. The more I surrender to the journey my soul is on, the more my life starts to make sense. More (better) opportunities come my way when I’m not trying to figure everything out. When I’m not trying to be perfect, look perfect, or feel perfect – I am free. When I’m not trying to exist in a perfect state of mind – I am free.


Please don’t think you are what they did to you. You are not. You aren’t less valuable because they left you. There’s not something wrong with you because they took advantage of you.

You aren’t the words they spoke to you. You aren’t the words spoken about you. You aren’t the bruises on your body or heart from their hands. You aren’t trauma. You aren’t bad memories. You aren’t sin, if that word means something to you. You are forgiven. You aren’t less than anybody. We are all equal. I want you to know you don’t have to hide your heart from someone or something that could potentially be for you because you’ve been hurt one too many times. Moving on and opening up is scary. I hope you give yourself all the space and gentleness you need. The more you do this, the more you will see what you need come to you. Things don’t work out in this life when they aren’t aligned with your soul’s idea journey. Every soul is a spirit and every spirit is moving towards something greater than what’s understandable. You don’t have to understand why something happened or what you ‘Should” be doing now. All you ‘need’ to do is to be wholeheartedly loving and you will see all you need show up for you.

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