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Unfortunately, not a great review from me today. I finished The Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I want to start this off by saying how much I loved The Red Queen, which I gave 5 stars. Unfortunately what happened with The Glass Sword is what often happens with fantasy series, which I’ll go into.
I gave it 2 stars.

What I liked:

– It was, like the first book, really easy to read and you don’t have to think much/ at all.

 The cover.

– The idea of all the different powers and weaknesses. It’s like Pokemon on steroids. 

What I didn’t like:

– It did that classic thing that all YA Fantasy series are so guilty of where the first and last book is amazing and the middle ones are just boring, repetetive, getting-to-the-point storylines. I found this storyline so boring, it’s just the group travelling from place to place a lot and discussing what to do from a strategy point of view. I found it so hard to keep reading. It actually took a few weeks for me to read the whole book becuase when my option was ‘read this book’ or ‘play crossword puzzles on my phone’ I kept reaching for the phone. Not a good sign.

– All the characters sounded exactly the same. There is meant to be this love triangle between Cal and Kilorn and they could both be the same person for all I know.

– The romance is literally nothing. There’s no sexual tension, no romance, no nothing. BOOOORING.

– There was so much scope for so many awesome characters as they begin recruiting interesting people like Nanny and Nix, but unfortunately they also all blend into one. I can’t tell the difference between any of them, they’re all totally 2-dimensional and just there to make the plans work out and have no backstory.

– The majority of the book is extremely slow-paced, just boring travelling and repetetive conversations and narrative, and then the bits that you do actually want to delve into (meeting all the new recruits etc,) is totally glazed over and suddenly things happen so quickly that months have passed in the space of a couple of pages and there’s been no growth in tension at all.

– Mare is totally unrelatable in this book. Who forgets about their entire family so many times? Including Gisa who she was supposed to love so much in the first book. Why is she so selfish? She’s done a Harry Potter and let being ‘the one’ go to her head and I just really don’t like or understand her and her way of thinking.

– There were no twists 🙁 The end was meant to be dramatic but I just didn’t care at all about Mare or anything else for it to shock me.

– Aside from the writing being bland, it was just so, so reptetive. I wanted to pull my hair out at how many descriptions there were of Mare ‘feeling the lightening’ running through her body. YAWN. We get it. She’s electric. Next.

Overall, it was a big no from me and I won’t be continuing the series.


A x


  1. I love the first book and have just been really bad at keeping with series reads, I blame my impatience I hate cliffhangers. I’m trying to come up with maybe a day every week to read through my many unfinished series. I’ve heard the second book in this one is awful but I kind of want to finish the series,maybe I’ll just get them from the library hahaha. Thank you for your honest review

    1. Once you fall in-love with series, you never look back. lol but it takes time and patient to really get into it. The library sounds better. if you don’t like it, you can just take it back. Thanks for stoping by.

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